Beaches, beaches, so many beaches…but where to start?

No question that one of the most common reasons for taking a trip to Sardinia is the beauty of its sea and beaches.

The island of Sant’Antioco has gorgeous ones and there are more all around it, on the island of San Pietro and in the gulf of Palmas, as well as on the western coast of Sulcis Iglesiente.

I’ve been to all of them (or almost), but some of them I frequent and know better; these are the ones that I consider “mine.”

The sea, the beaches and Neptune grass

Calasetta is not widely known, but there’s no question that those who have come will never forget its magnificent beaches.

Sottotorre is the cove right below the Torre Sabauda tower overlooking the town. It’s a gorgeous, white-beached cove with crystal-blue water that is very shallow, making it a popular destination for families with children. La Salina, just a kilometer out of town, has two white sandy dunes dotted with San Pancrazio lilies where two species of wind-bent juniper grow: juniperus phoenicea, or Phoenician juniper, and juniperus macrocarpa.

A bit further is Spiaggia Grande, a cove stretching to Punta della Tonnara, venerated by surfers as it is open to the mistral wind; part of it is reserved for tourists traveling with their canine friends.