About us

We met in Milan in 2003, both single with no kids. We married in Calasetta on Sant’Antioco Island, in Sardinia, in 2010, both at our second wedding.
Some months ago we decided to leave Milan and to move there to start a new life.
The idea to share our experience using a blog comes from a friend, a travel and food blogger, Elena Farinelli, that drove us into blogging, encouraging us to tell all the stories that this small but interesting Island can offer and that are still untold.


I am Giuseppe, a truly Tabarkin, born in Calasetta but grown in Milan. After a long career as a tour operator I decided to give up to business and travels and start a new life going back to my hometown Calasetta. Paola and her enthusiasm pushed me in this choice. I am not totally happy to quit Milan, I confess, but we still travel and often have the chance to spend some time in a crowdy city.
Living in Sardinia, particularly in this region, is like a journey back in time in many ways, even on the side of backward mentality. Most of the problems of this beautiful region is due to the narrow mind of the politicians, ruling class and even of the population more than to environmental factors or financial and economics problems.

I am Paola, I come from Ravenna, a beautiful town on the Adriatic sea, I have been living in Milan for 15 years, working first as a lawyer and than as a law firm business development consultant for an international and global law firm. I launched and run my own consultancy firm in this sector working also as a columnist for the main financial and business newspaper in Italy (Il Sole 24 Ore).
I very soon experienced writing and working on the web and social marketing so I thought that a more creative sector like tourism, would be more rewarding and amusing than law firm field.
I love moving and fast changes so I am really enthusiastic of this choice made possible by the fact that my husband has a couple of houses here…

We decided together to quit Milan and move to Calasetta, on the North West tip of Sant’Antioco Island (linked to main Island Sardinia by a bridge), part of the Sulcis Archipelago, together with San Pietro and Isola Piana.
Here we have a house that has been the starting point of our backward trip to Giuseppe roots and Sardinia.
The house (Cà de Anna, www.cadeanna.com), is the very heart of our actual job: marketing of ours and other houses for vacation rentals.

Our guests can count on our guide to visit the island, taste typical food and wine, or make experience of the sea and the wild nature. We believe that real beauty does not show itself and is often hidden to the looks of the mass.

This earth doesn’t resemble to some other place. Sardinia is another thing: enchanting space around and distance to be traveled, nothing of ended, nothing definitive. It is as the same liberty.

David Herbert Lawrence, Sea and Sardinia