Sea silk and linen: weaving magic

There are certain things that only very obstinate women can do. Saving the world, for one!

Saving it from banality, cheap commerce, vulgarity and standardization. There are women, many women, who are very obstinate and very capable. And even in the silence around them, they manage to work for humanity and make it better.

Tratalias: a ghost town of wonders

Tratalias, a small medieval town in Sulcis, had a population of just over 1,500 in the 1950s when it started to be damaged by the infiltration of water from a dyke built near Rio Palmas, and the resulting construction of the Monte Pranu reservoir.

The worsening damage forced the town government to rebuild the town in a nearby, slightly hilly area where the residents were all relocated.

Red People

Sa genti arrubia (“the red people”) is the name for flamingos in the Sardinian dialect.

Phoenicopterus roseus — their scientific name — are red because of their diet predominantly of shrimp and mollusks. These migratory wader birds are graceful and absolutely elegant; Sardinia is their perfect habitat with its many wetlands where some live year-round.

Photo by Lorenzo Sestrieri of Obiettivo Mediterraneo