Do not forget to drink… Sardinian!

«Every region in Italy has its own unique identity but there’s something particularly distinct about Sardinia. Sitting 200km off the coast, it’s the most isolated. The locals consider themselves Sardinian rather than Italian. In fact, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is like a mini-continent unto itself. The landscape changes every few miles as do the dialect, traditional dress, cuisine and wine».

This is what  Michaela Morris, contributor or Vancouver Westender writes today on the Canadian online magazine. Read the full article

But more and more wines must be tasted especially in South Sardinia and Sulcis region, many of them are prize winners and absolutely unique. This happens for example to the Carignano Piede Franco, produced by the older Wine cellar in Sardinia, the Cantina di Calasetta.

piede franco cantina calasetta


(Photos by Fabrizio Schirru)

«The name PiedeFranco derives from the method of installation of the vineyard, as the vine is reared Sardinian bush “franc de pied”, with its original roots [...] . The Winery is located on the island of Sant’Antioco, on the south-western coast of Sardinia, a production area with a singular terroir, whose sandy texture makes it possible to cultivate ungrafted vines, i.e. with their original roots, without having to use American rootstock.».

Combined with the top quality of food ingredients, and unique gastronomic traditions, such is the “Running” Tuna fish dishes, to eat and drink, in this wild and mostly unknown region can be a unique and unexpected experience.